My photography dates back to 1988 in Poland where for the first time I was introduced to basics of photography and B/W darkroom technique by my uncle, fascinated by the process of developing film, making my own prints and taking my camera for daily walks in hunt for those special yet ordinary life moments i took my first steps in what we call today "street photography".

Over the years growing up in Poland I found myself exploring the streets of city Lebork (a small Polish town where I grew up) and taking pictures of just about anything that my heart pointed to me. My very first camera was Zenit XP and at that time still living with my parents I could afford no more than one roll of B/W film per week, later I learned that it was the best education in photography, having no choice but to take time before each shot and adjust my camera settings being careful not to waste the valuable film frames and at the same time not miss the shot.

At later time I found part time job at local newspaper and the hobby turned into part time profession which in 1994 allowed me to visit USA where my photo journey continues.

My photography relies on wide range of cameras, mixture of analog and digital including Olympus OM1 Nikon F5 D3s D7000 and of course Iphone  - one of the best cameras for grabbing slices of life on the go. Now there is no day without taking a picture and thanks to the power of Instagram I can share the stream of my photographic journey on daily basis!

I hope to connect with many other photographers in the area of Los Angeles to share the joy of photography and discuss any creative opportunities.

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